DoctorLaptop’s Tips #38 31July15 (this post also in Digame)

DoctorLaptop‘s Tips #38 31July15
Safari Web Browser In Windows?
I keep finding Safari browser in client’s computers. Safari is
for Macs. There was a Windows version but it was discontinued
after the last Windows supported version was released 3yrs ago.
Please uninstall it if you have it on any Windows system. Email
me if you want help saving your bookmarks/favorites. More info
Did You Know Dictation Is Built Into Win 7 and 8?
Yes, you can talk to your microphone equipped computer and it
will do the typing. The mic built into your laptop will work,
but for greater accuracy use a headset/mic combo. You can
dictate documents directly into your favorite word processing
program, run programs and open files all by voice command. There
is a built in tutorial when you first enable it to get you set
up and familiar with all the basic features. Visit this site for
detailed instructions on enabling this largely unknown Windows
Windows 7’s Calculator Has a Few Tricks Up It’s Sleeve
Look in the View menu after you open Calculator. Start/All
Programs/Accessories/Calculator. It can do many kinds of unit
conversion (temperature, weight, area, and eight others),
interesting date calculations, and even has worksheets to
calculate a mortgage payment or a car’s fuel mileage. and Email:
All repairs. Also customized classes on all topics, 75mins. for 25 euros.

DoctorLaptop’s Tips and News – 25July15

Note: I now have wifi again and can check my email in a timely manner.

In the wake of a critical Remote Code Execution vulnerability in all versions of Windows, Microsoft has just issued an emergency fix.

Yes, it’s time to patch your Windows operating system against an alarming security hole that could allow remote attackers to run malicious code on your computer, thereby taking “complete control of the affected system.” Since Microsoft has conveniently failed to name the specific update needed, you are expected to “fully update” your Windows to get the patch.
Apple Mac OS X Vulnerability Allow Attacker to Hack your Computer
A security researcher has discovered a critical vulnerability in the latest version of Apple’s OS X Yosemite that could allow anyone to obtain unrestricted root user privileges with the help of code that fits in a tweet.
The privilege-escalation vulnerability initially reported on Tuesday by German researcher Stefan Esser, could be exploited to circumvent security protections and gain full control of Mac computers.
The most worrying part is that this critical vulnerability is yet to be fixed by Apple in the latest release of its operating system.
BEWARE: this next quote is in Geek-speak

This is dangerous,” Esser explained in a blog post, “because it allows hackers to open or create arbitrary files owned by the root user anywhere in the file system. Furthermore, the opened log file is never closed and, therefore, its file descriptor is leaked into processes spawned by SUID binaries. This means child processes of SUID root processes can write to arbitrary files owned by the root user anywhere in the filesystem.”

Basic translation: If exploited, this allows an attacker to easily gain privilege escalation in Yosemite to hijack your Mac computer and take control of your system.

How to Delete an Un-deletable File or Folder
In the case of a folder you may need to open the folder and manually delete all the contained files one at a time. If that goes ok then go back to the now empty folder and delete should work. If this fails, or you can not delete the files in the folder there are several geeky ways to remove the folder/files. I will spare you the details because there are tools to do this for you.
With IObitUnlocker, a free program, you wouldn’t be annoyed any more by messages like “Cannot delete file”, “Access is denied”, “undeleted files”, “The file is in use by another program or user”, or “There has been a sharing violation!” This is a powerful tool designed to fix such kind of problems, by terminating all related processes that prevent you from deleting or accessing files / folders that you need to remove.  It is an easy-to-use tool, which helps you delete the files or folders by dragging and dropping or just clicking the add button to select your objective files / folders. Get it from the official IOBIT site here:



DoctorLaptop’s Tips and an Urgent Request 24July15

Apparently my wifi has been reconnected, will have to see how it goes for the next few days.

DoctorLaptop Urgent Request
My upstairs neighbor flooded their flat 3 months ago and waited 2 months to inform me. It took 2 wks to get a contractor to come inspect it. He said it will require a full renovation to cure the problems. First my flat was getting mould then my ceiling began to cave in! Now the lecky is dodgy and the wifi has quit. Please help me find a new flat for long term rental. I would like to move in anytime from mid-August on, definitely by 01Sep. It needs to be on the Costa del Sol, between Nerja and Valez Malaga, near a town, with a supermarket within walking distance. My dog, MrBones must be welcome. A big studio or small 1 bedroom would be sufficient. Of course I need wifi. And it needs to be as inexpensive as possible. A long term house-sit could also work. I realize I am asking a lot for this time of year but I have faith Digame readers will come thru with a solution!  My mobile number is available on my website. Thank y’all!
Website: and Email:

Facebook Spreading Data Stealing Trojan
If you came across any suspicious Facebook message with ‘LOL’ text or a fake Image file sent by any of your Facebook friends, avoid clicking it. A Trojan horse is currently circulating in wild through the Facebook social network that could steal your Facebook account data and Credentials.

Security researchers spotted this malware campaign first in the beginning of March this year, where the Trojan spreads itself through the Facebook’s Messenger service (inbox) by messaging a victim pretending to be one of their friends saying “LOL” with a zip file attached, which appears to be a photo, named “”.

In Past two weeks, many of our readers informed us that they received similar ZIP files from their trusted Facebook friends. The Hacker News team also noticed that despite after several warnings in media, once again the malware campaign just goes viral like any other video scam, but this time directly through users’ inbox-to-inbox.
Read more on this at:

News and Tips and Special Offer – 19July15

Google’s Search by Image Tool

You no longer need to begin the image search with a word or a phrase. You can now begin with an actual image that you see on the web, or that you have on your computer, to search for similar images or to find out more information about that specific image.
Visit this site for detailed instructions and video:

Confirmed: Windows 10 users to receive forced updates
On previous versions of Windows, users had options to block updates from being deployed automatically, for instance to run tests before deploying them or waiting a certain time period to make sure updates would not break anything. In addition to that, Helen Harmetz, Microsoft Senior Product Marketing Manager, confirmed recently that Windows 10 Pro users would not be able to delay updates indefinitely without serious consequences either. It is unknown if users may remove updates from the operating system and how those removed updates are handled in this regard. While it may make sense from a company perspective to deploy updates automatically on user machines, it is problematic for a number of reasons. First, updates may break things as the past has shown over and over again, possibly rendering the PC unusable. Second, forced updates remove control from users. Most computer systems running previous iterations of Windows may be configured to download and install updates automatically, which is not different from what Microsoft has in mind now, but for those users who block this, it may be a deal breaker. Read more at:

Microsoft revealed this year’s timeline and prices for Windows 10
July 29, 2015 – Windows 10 is available as a free upgrade.
August – Retail copies of Windows 10 become available, first PCs with Windows 10 are available.
September – New hardware is showcased on IFA. Important feature: Biometrie / Windows Hello.
Autumn –  Upgrades for Windows Phone and Xbox One become available
Retail prices:
Windows 10 Home – 119 Euros
Windows 10 Pro – 279 Euros
Windows 10 Home upgrade to Pro – 159 Euros

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Print out this page and bring it in for 20% off any job for the remainder of July 2015. Offer ends 31JULY2015.


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News and Tips – 18July15

Flash Player Problems
Adobe Flash has a long history of security vulnerabilities; over a dozen have required patching in 2015 so far, three more were discovered and fixed recently.The tech community’s response has been pretty standard, despite journalists’ efforts to hype it up. Apple quietly continued to ignore Flash, which it has not supported on mobile devices since 2010. Internet Explorer and Google Chrome automatically patched their built-in Flash players. On July 13, Mozilla Firefox took things a step further. Instead of automatically updating the plugin like its competitors, Firefox disabled the Flash plugin. Users could re-enable it in Firefox’s settings, if they knew how. When Adobe released a patched version the very next day, savvy users who downloaded and installed it could view Flash videos, games and other missing content again. Flash is still used on 23 percent of the 483,000 Web pages tracked by the HTTP Archive, down from 39% three years ago. Untold numbers of smaller sites use Flash to display content, or offer games. Even Facebook still uses Flash. Mobile users get HTML5 videos, but desktop browsers are stuck with Flash.

The rub is that for users, there’s no magical way to switch to some other method of viewing or playing Flash content. Website developers will have to re-code those Flash-based videos, pages and games in the HTML5 language. That’s not a trivial undertaking, and some content will never be converted.

As of this writing, all known Flash vulnerabilities have been patched. So if your version is up to date, you can continue to use Flash safely. As I mentioned earlier, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer keep Flash updated automatically.

If you use some other browser, you should make sure that you have the latest, patched version of Flash installed on all of your devices. Go to the Adobe Flash Plugin Update page to get it. (Uncheck the “optional offer” checkbox in the middle of the page.) And during installation, be sure to set the plugin to update itself automatically in the future.

If you’re worried about future Flash bugs popping up, go ahead and remove it via the Control Panel. You may find that you don’t miss it at all. But if you do, you can always install it again.

Google Photo App on Android smartphones continues to upload your phone photos to Google servers without your knowledge, even if you have already uninstalled the Google Photos app from your device!

Once Google servers have that embarrassing  pic of you it could turn up in Google Photo search results when someone searches other pics of you. But you never take regrettable pics do you?
See full article here:

WhatsApp Ranks Ranks Among Worst At Protecting Your Privacy
The Electronic Frontier Foundation has released its annual report card of tech companies for 2015 based upon how much they keep your personal data secure from government snoops. And the Worst Companies Award goes to…

Yes, you heard right! WhatsApp is one of the three worst companies at protecting its users’ data so if you are concerned about your data privacy, you should think twice before using WhatsApp.
See full article here:

News and Tips – 17July15

iPhone and iPad scammers hit users with iOS crash warnings – here’s how to block them

Users are reporting fake crash reports demanding payment in order to fix their Apple devices

See the full article here:


Here’s How to Download and Delete What Google Search Knows About You

If you sign in to Google and stay signed in while you remain online, they have collected a lot of personal data about you, every website you visited, every term you searched, everything you have clicked on, etc. Have you ever wondered exactly what Google Search really knows about you? Well, now you can check, as Google has added a new feature that lets you view and download your entire search history. Yep. Everything. I was even able to see the list of images I clicked on while searching for pictures of cats eating spaghetti. Now imagine what you’ve looked for. Oh, and clearing your browser history won’t delete this data. But there’s no reason to panic, because in addition to being able to download your search history, you can clear it.

See the full article here: