Windows 10 Update 04Aug15- A New Scam and Undoing Win 10 Upgrade

Be aware, after upgrading your Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 systems to Windows 10, you do have 30-days to “downgrade” your PC back to the previous version of Windows.

To start the downgrade, make sure you’re plugged in — the downgrade can take several hours — and log into an admin account. From the Start Menu, click or tap “Settings” then “Update & security.” Choose the “Recovery” option, and then select “Go back to Windows 7” or “Go back to Windows 8.1.” Click “Get started”. You’ll have to give a reason why you want to downgrade. Click “Next” twice and the rollback will begin.


 New Windows 10 scam will encrypt your files for ransom

A cautionary tale in being patient, and not skipping the line.

Just days after Microsoft released its latest operating system, hackers have begun targeting soon-to-be Windows 10 users with an emerging kind of malware.

Cisco security researchers are warning users against opening email attachments purporting to be from the software giant. The “ransomware” malware, which encrypts files until a ransom is paid, is being sent as part of an email spam campaign. The emails claims it’s attachment includes an installer that allows users to get the new operating system sooner. Once a user downloads and opens the attached executable file, the malware payload opens, encrypting data on the affected computer, and locking the owner out.

If you do get this infection you need professional servicing immediately, time is of the essence if you want to save your data and avoid a full re-install of your operating system.  Read more here:



2 thoughts on “Windows 10 Update 04Aug15- A New Scam and Undoing Win 10 Upgrade

  1. Hi, Naythan. I successfully upgraded on or near release date of W10. No problems , one and a half hours. Can I assume that I am safe from ransomeware? Really appreciate what you are doing for us. Ray


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