28Aug15 – Win 10 Latest Info

Win 10 Keylogger Saves Every Keystroke You Make, Even When Offline and Sends Then to MS! No Reliable Way to Disable It!
Despite some major trade mags (on the MS payroll no doubt) denying this, independent researchers in many forums insist the key logger is very real and have posted evidence. Originally admittedly being included in the Preview version by MS as an analytics tool to help in development, it has not been removed from the commercial release as MS promised. Periodic key-logger data dumps to MS use up your band width and eliminate any pretense of privacy. So far none of the so called fixes posted on the internet actually block this function. Some researchers have claimed this key-logger has also been added to Win 8 via a security update.
Rumor has it that MS has received so many complaints about this huge security breech from corporate purchasing agents regarding this that MS is now developing a “secure” version of Win 10. Supposed to be available early next year. I doubt that secure version will be free. I have uninstalled my Win 10, returned to Win 7, and will not use Win 10 until the SECURE version has been released and proven safe.

More on this topic as reliable info becomes available.


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