01Dec15 DoctorLaptop’s Tips #44 Computer Shopping, Win 10 Pre-installed, Tablets, More…

Rule: Always google the exact make/model number and read up on any gadget you are considering buying. Read some independent reviews and some user feedback. If the model has problems people will have posted complaints. For example, google “Toshiba C50 + problems” to see if it has known issues.
Rule: Beware “loss leader” bargain priced items. The are usually either older items that sat in a warehouse for 2yrs(a long time in computer terms), or are of low quality construction (flexing displays or keyboards, weak hinges, thin plastic frames, etc).

Windows 10 Computers Now Hitting the Market
Just in time for holiday shopping, computers with Win 10 pre-installed are available on line and in some shops. I suggest anyone shopping for computers avoid the marked down Win 8.1 units. They won’t be a bargain if the dreaded Win 10 update, that you will be pushed into, fails! Pre-installed Windows 10 is well worth any extra cost unless you plan to have a clean install of Win 10 done (wipe the hard disk of all data and start fresh) on a bargain priced Win 8/8.1 unit. The benefit of a clean install of Win 10 is the elimination of all “bloatware” rubbish programs and apps they load into all manufacturer loaded operating systems. I will now do a clean install of Win 10 (Enterprise version, top of the line) onto any computer that was originally Win 8/8.1 for 75euros, 25% off the previous rate.

First Thing To Do After You Setup Any New Computer, Win or Mac
The 1st time you start your new computer you will be taken thru the setup process. Once this is completed the next thing to do is make a Recovery USB Flash Drive. You or your tech can use this to recover from a variety of problems or to reinstall the system should that be necessary. Buy a 16Gb flash drive for this.
In Win 10 it’s easy, watch this short video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3UzphLuk5II.

In Macs it’s a bit more complicated, directions here: http://www.macworld.co.uk/how-to/mac-software/create-mac-flash-recovery-drive-for-emergencies-3499802/

Tablets: Windows 10 vs iPads vs Android
If you are considering buying a tablet be aware that Windows 10 tablets are available. If you are a Windows user and have never used Apple PCs or smartphones before, I suggest you stick with Windows. The Apple user must be dedicated to learning new names for functions and different ways of doing common tasks, plus the manditory constant updating and backups. Apple is more than an operating system, it is a lifestyle. Android tablets use a linux style operating system, similar to Android smartphones. If you love your Android smartphone then an Android tablet may be for you. In any case, go to some shops and have any tablets you are considering demonstrated for you. See how you find the web browser, check email, watch TV, etc. See how you connect the wifi. If it looks too confusing, keep shopping.

Change Spanish Win 10 to English? No problem!
Windows 10 supports changing the default language! You no longer need to be concerned about the default language when you buy a computer — if you prefer to use a different language, you can change it at any time. Here’s how: http://www.howtogeek.com/232659/how-


Happy Holidays to All !!!


4 thoughts on “01Dec15 DoctorLaptop’s Tips #44 Computer Shopping, Win 10 Pre-installed, Tablets, More…

  1. Hi, I follow your posts especially about Windows 10 problems. We use satellite internet through Tooway and have a 20GB allowance per month. I monitor usage carefully so that we can watch selected TV programmes. On Sunday 29 Nov we were out for the day and on Monday I discovered we were way over our cap, although I had been saving 1GB to download one programme before our monthly allowance expires at midnight on 1st Dec. I have queried this with Europasat and they informed me that on Sunday 29 Nov – when we were not at home and the laptop was not switched on – that we received a 2.5GB download – that equates to 4 days of our allowance! How was that possible? Tonight the laptop has updated to Windows 10 Version 1511 and suspect that this was the culprit. Have attached a manuscript of a chat session that I have just terminated with a Microsoft Technician.


  2. Look in your email for my reply and use that email for further correspondence on this.
    I have discussed this stealth downloading of Win 10 updates/upgrades in previous posts. It is well documented that metered internet connections are using up their data limits because of Win 10.
    I don’t see any attachment to your comment on my blog site.
    If your computer was actually fully shutdown then it can’t download anything. But if it was only in Sleep mode then yes it could be possible. Look in your settings in Control Panel > Power Options and check “what to do when I press the power button”. If it is set to Sleep (that is the default), then you were not fully shutdown and the download could have happened when you mistakenly thought it was fully shut down. Change this setting to Shutdown instead of Sleep to avoid this problem.


  3. Hello, Naythan. Hope alls ok! Thanks for the link to changing the language in Windows 10. I have made lots of unsuccesful attempts in the past to changing mine. When I downloaded Windows 10 it came through in Spanish. Will the links you have posted actually change the written language on Windows 10 from Spanish to English? The four or five attempts I have made seem only for ‘teclado’.


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