DoctorLaptop’s Tips #46 – Easy Way to Stop Win 10 Upgrade Nags

DoctorLaptop‘s Tips #46 – Easy Way to Stop Win 10 Upgrade Nags
Are you are happy with your current Windows system and want to stop the annoying Win 10 Upgrade nag popups, stealth installation of Win 10 files and eliminate the taskbar notice symbol? Here is a tutorial that is very simple to follow, including a tool to do this. It has pics of each step. This tool, The GWX Control Panel, has never given me any problems and includes an Undo function if you decide later to do the Win 10 Upgrade.
Once done you will be free of the threatening notices that seem to force you into the unwanted upgrade. You will also prevent the download, or remove all the files Microsoft has already snuck into your computer, to prepare it for the upgrade.
As always, make a new System Restore Point before doing any modifications to your system. Here’s how:
On Win 7: Click Start, right click Computer, click Properties, click System Protection from the menu on the far left, click Create then enter a name for the restore point like “pre Win 10 block”, then click the Create button. Wait till you get a confirmation, then click Close.
On Win 8/8.1: Move the pointer all the way to the lower left corner until you see the Start button display, then right click on the Start button. Click System. Click on the System Protection link in the left pane. If prompted by a permission popup, click Yes. Click on the Create button. Enter a name for the restore point like “pre Win 10 block”. Click Create. Wait till you get a confirmation, then click Close.
Note: In all systems the current date and time are added automatically to the restore point.
This info is not an indication that Win 10 is bad, it is only to help those who don’t want it yet.
Mobile: 689 721 916 no calls before 11am please.

14Jan16 – The Ultimate Windows Maintenance Service

The Ultimate Windows Maintenance Service
DoctorLaptop’s Jan&Feb 2016 Special
This service goes much deeper that the typical Clean and Tuneup.
Using professional strength tools I will clear system of all malware, adware and unnecessary old system files, optimize performance and networking, check for and correct hard disk and System errors, update all programs and drivers, and install 2 browser protection add-ons. Price 50 euros (reg. 75 euros). These are the tools I use on every “Ultimate” cleanup on Windows machines.
ESET OnLine, Malwarebytes, Ccleaner-Pro, RogueKiller and RKill, Little Reg Cleaner, Junkware Removal Tool, ADWCleaner, Hitman Pro, HiJackThis, ComboFix, ASC-Pro, GiveMePower, IObit Uninstaller Tool, Ghostery, AdBlock+, NetAdapter, TDSSKiller, SpinRite and Scannow.
Units with hardware problems, that won’t start-up properly or showing serious Error Messages need a repair, not this maintenance. Please do a backup of your data before bringing in your computer for this service because any infected data or data/programs damaged by malware will be removed. If you have no backup and want me to do a full system image backup for you bring an external hard disk to store it on. You can buy a 1 Tb backup drive for about 70 euros at any shop selling computer accessories. I will add a small data transfer charge depending on how data you have. Due to the numerous, lengthy system scans involved the job needs to be done at my lab and takes 2 to 3 days.
Email: mannshands “at”   Check your Spam or Junk folder if you are expecting a reply and it is not in your inbox.
Work by appointment, 1-8pm. Make appts by phone only on 689 721 916, no calls before 11am
Rates: Win 7 repairs 15euros/hr.; Win 8/Win 10/Vaio/Android tablets 20euros/hr.; WinXP/Vista/Macs/iOS/Linux/IPTV/Networks 25euros/hr. Custom classes on all topics, 75mins./25euros. Housecalls possible, but I need a lift, 40euro min. Bitcoins wallet: 12PmcK7h39QpZeziSyhkNUBodCyzeUSDGa

DoctorLaptop’s Tips #45 and January Special

DoctorLaptop‘s Tips #45 and January Special
Windows 10 is now stable enough to trust for your primary computer. As always, do a full backup onto an external storage device of any data you value first. Anyone who loses data, for any reason, has no one to blame but themselves in today’s computer environment! Everyone must do backups or risk data loss, that’s just the way it is.
A few of the early Win 7 computers are never going to run Win 10 properly due to hardware issues. There are now ways to test for this. But considering computers have an expected 6 year lifespan, it may be time to retire those old ones if you want to keep up with the rest of the world. Computers that shipped with Win 8.1 pre-installed should upgrade fine. Units less than 7 years old that originally had Win 7 or Win 8 installed will also upgrade ok but a few of the new Win 10 features will be unavailable, like Cortana personal assistant. The free upgrade to Windows 10 expires July 29 this year. So unless you are dedicated to running Win 7 until it becomes obsolete in early 2020 (and many are) now is the time to upgrade without paying for it. There are certain procedures that need to be done to prepare a computer for a successful upgrade to Win 10. If you are doing it yourself check Google search or my blog site for these procedures. Then visit your computer manufacturer’s website for their Win 10 upgrade info. There may be warnings there you need to read concerning your specific model.
SPECIAL DEAL for January 2016: Want to upgrade to Windows 10 but not confident you can do it yourself? Let me do it for you, only 70 euros. I will test your unit first with my plug-in version of Win 10. You are welcome to watch me do the test (it only takes 15 minutes) to be sure it will work, so there is no risk involved. Thus you can try Win 10 on your unit before it is installed! If your unit fails then there is no charge! But again, always backup your data before any major changes, including this upgrade.
Mobile: 689 721 916, no calls before 11am please.