DoctorLaptop’s Tips #56 19Sep16

DoctorLaptop’s Tips #56 19Sep16
FBI Director Recommends Covering Webcam With Tape and Securing Security Cams
Yes, even Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and FBI Director James Comey do that.
Cover your webcam to guard against hackers watching your private life thru your devices. Comey says it is common at the FBI and gov’t offices to cover computer and laptop webcams with tape. If you have internet connected security cameras, these are also subject to being hacked by criminals. Proper security measures can prevent this. Read articles at:

Ccleaner 5.22 is Finally Windows 10 Compliant.
Up till now Windows 10 updater has been removing Ccleaner as an incompatible program from many users computers. Yes, it was possible the Registry Cleaning function could delete required systems files. No longer. Starting with this latest release Ccleaner is safe to install in Windows 10.

Win 7 Background Service Using All Your RAM Memory?
Is your Win 7 computer healthy and well maintained, but still suffers bouts of grindingly slow performance? It may well be a svchost.exe problem, where Windows Auto-Updates background service is hogging all your system memory resources. This issue is becoming more common on older Win 7 computers, and is part of the reason I keep Auto-Updates turned off on my computers, opting instead to do the updates manually. Here is a tutorial explaining it all.
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