DoctorLaptop’s Tips #58 and Special Deal

DoctorLaptop’s Tips #58 and Special Deal
-Websites you shop on can read your metadata. They know what type computer, operating system and browser you are using, unless you use a VPN/proxy connection that blocks metadata transfer. The prices they display on items you view are calculated using this info. Old computers using outdated systems and browsers are shown lower prices on items. New, expensive computers with the latest software are shown higher prices on the same items.
-A new email threat has emerged. Most people know to avoid downloading attachments and clicking links in email from unknown senders. This new type of “phishing email”, named “spymail”, looks legitimate to you because it’s been customized for you using true personal info from other emails in your inbox. Spymail has hidden embedded trackers that log recipient data like reading habits, keywords, and demographic and psychographic information without requiring you to open an attachment or click on anything. Though many email trackers are used for legitimate purposes, malicious spymail has emerged as a fast growing problem. There is no practical solution yet for casual users besides checking the sender’s email address for suspicious sounding addresses before opening your emails. Read more about spymail and a possible but geeky solution at:
-John McAfee, a pioneer of antivirus protection, no longer associated with McAfee AntiVirus, is working on a new generation of malware protection to replace the increasingly ineffective antivirus systems we currently use, and also a distributed non-peer-to-peer system that will make the cloud completely obsolete. Early releases of these projects could be available before year’s end from new company MGT. It’s about time…
Special Deal: Clean and Tuneup any laptop, only €35 for Win 7, €40 for all others. Removes all malware, unnecessary programs and infections.  Includes pro-level memory and registry defrag (better than Windows defrag that does not defrag registry) and optimizes performance. Fan and internal cleaning included. This service is for slow but otherwise healthy units. Heavily infected units and those showing error messages may cost more. All computers should have an annual professional maintenance. Most jobs finished over-night. This special ends 01Feb17.
DoctorLaptop, 675 993 069 (after 11am please), doctorlaptop @ (check your Spam/Junk folder if you can’t find my reply).

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