For Sale Asus X70L- Media Center Laptop, Refurbished, Set Up For Anonymous Internet Access

Giant laptop, set up for entertainment and anonymous web-surfing, video streaming and downloading. Fully loaded with premium software, with bookmarks to the best media providers and optimized for high performance. It has 3 media players to play every known audio/video format, as well as torrent and YouTube downloaders and software to access all your favorite streaming audio or video. There’s even a free high-speed VPN!
The refurb included a reconditioned hard disk and new RAM. This is a heavy, very sturdy, well built laptop.
160Gb Hard disk, 2.5Gb RAM, Win 7 Ultimate SP1, Intel Dual Core @ 1.73 GHz, 32bit, UK keyboard,
huge 17inch display, card reader, 1.5hr battery and DVD re-writer drive.
Programs pre-loaded: MS Office Suite 2013 Pro Plus, Firefox, Chrome, FilmOn and TKList video streamers, uTorrent 2.2 torrent downloader, VLC Player, PotPlayer Professional Media Player, Adobe Reader, Flash & Java, DVD Burning Tool, IObit Uninstaller, Ccleaner, YouTube Downloader plus other video downloaders. Security and anonymity software: CyberGhost VPN, Technitium MAC Address Changer, IP Leak Block, DNS Leak Block, Web RTC Block, Ghostery tracking block, Avast AntiVirus and uBlock Ad Blocker.
This is the same setup I use, including many state-of-the-art tools for secure, anonymous online media viewing and recording. I will take an hour to demonstrate everything when you pick it up, if you are interested. If you are new to all these features you can just ignore them, or if you want to learn about internet privacy then google them and read how they work or watch some YouTube tutorial videos or schedule a class to learn how to use them (€25 for 75mins). The sites you visit, the items you search, your social media posts, the computer equipment you are using, what you click on and what you watch/listen/download are all tracked, saved and easily available to any interested parties, potential employers, police, ex-spouses, competitors, cyber-thieves, etc. You can have real privacy, if you’re willing to take some time to learn the basic protection methods. Internet privacy is your right! Use it or lose it!
Will work best on a fairly good internet connection, 5Mb/s or faster. If you will be using the VPN to stream videos in HD quality then you will want a 10Mb/s connection or faster.
For pickup in Nerja. €200
Contact Naythan on 675 993 069 (call after 12noon please), email: doctorlaptop @

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