DoctorLaptop’s Clean and Tuneup Deal Special 35Euros

DoctorLaptop’s Clean and Tuneup Deal Special
My €35 Clean and Tuneup Special is back! Keep your computer running at peak performance. A  regular, inexpensive servicing will prevent future major repairs. Just like changing the oil in your car, you will pay more in the long term if you neglect it.
This full maintenance removes all viruses, adware, spyware, browser hijackers, unwanted programs and useless add-ons. Optimizes settings for best performance. Updates all programs and drivers. Duplicate files removed to recover space. Pro quality defrag. Internal dust/hair/lint removal to keep your computer from overheating. I treat every computer as if I were going to be using it, and I demand speed. This does not include units either showing error messages or that are heavily infected, those require a repair not a maintenance servicing. Add €10 if your hard disk is 1000Gb (1Tb) or larger, or if your computer has 2 hard disks.
Most jobs completed overnight. Special ends 15 April, 2017.
Contact Naythan: doctorlaptop @ or call 675 993 069 (after 11am please).

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