Mac OS X and Apple iOS Now The Most Vulnerable Operating Systems

Windows No Longer The Most Vulnerable Operating System

Took a decade or two, but fans and users of Windows can now officially rejoice in the fact that the operating system is no longer the most vulnerable platform in the world.

At least when it comes to the number of reported (and fixed) issues.

Goes to show how security on Windows is getting stronger, and the progress Microsoft has made in this regards from the wild and rowdy days of Windows 98 and Windows XP.  Apple Mac OS X and iOS make the top two in this table.

Followed by the Linux kernel, and then the various versions of Windows, new and old.

These statistics are provided by GFI, and curiously, both Android and Windows Phone are missing from the list. Probably because while the former was hit by several flaws, Google rarely announces what bugs they fix in Android.

Still here are the charts:


In terms of applications, Internet Explorer is still the program with the most glitches and security holes. Researchers found a total of 242 flaws in IE in 2014 — with 220 of these being critical. Second place goes to Google Chrome, and this browser had 124 reported vulnerabilities.


Adobe Flash Player is a software solution that is often criticized for its poor security, but the plugin improved notably last year, and was only hit by 76 flaws. Relatively speaking, of course, this is a practically just a browser add-on that we are talking about here.



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