DoctorLaptop’s 5th Anniversary Special

DoctorLaptop’s 5th Anniversary Special
To celebrate these 5 years as DoctorLaptop-Nerja my famous Clean and Tuneup Special is back, laptops €40 or towers/desktops for €50. The ultimate maintenance service. Most jobs finished overnight.
-malware removal (adware/spyware/virus/trojan/worm/hijackers/trackers/rootkits) using 5 different pro level tools; I was trained by Nokia to do manual scan analysis instead of relying on inaccurate automated tools to do that task, a skill few technicians bother to learn anymore!
-update all programs/drivers and Windows
-clean out all old history records,log files and memory dumps
-defrag memory and registry
-optimize settings for fast performance
-delete old infected restore points
-clean fan and cooling channel
-test for and repair bad sectors on hard disk
-run Windows System Integrety Scan and Repair function
-test RAM for diminished capacity
-install browser add-ons for safe web surfing and popup advert blocking
Basically, I treat it as if I were going to be using it as my primary computer, and I demand speed. No Windows XP or Vista systems, these are both officially obsolete. Heavily infected units, or those showing error messages need a repair, not this maintenance servicing.
This offer ends 30Apr17
For appts call Naythan on 675 993 069 (no calls before 11am, no appts by email). For more info email me: doctorlaptop @

DrLaptop logo 1 small
I repair what others can only replace!

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