Windows 10 Alert by DoctorLaptop-Nerja 21July17

Windows 10 is releasing a big, new update package soon called the Creators Update. Windows 10 computers will be updated automatically and users should expect to see a message from Microsoft, asking you to review your Privacy Settings before proceeding with the update.
There is no reason for concern, just follow the prompts to complete this task, which must be done before the Creators Update will install. Be sure to choose to “keep all files and programs” when asked, unless you want to wipe the computer memory and start fresh. In the latter case all data will be lost, so backup anything you need to save first!
NOTE: I recommend all Windows 10 users make a System Restore Point immediately. No telling when you will receive this update. This way you will be able to easily recover should this update prove buggy, an all to common occurrence. Do not delay this update, it contains critical security features.
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