DoctorLaptop’s Tips #63 & Sept. Special

DoctorLaptop’s Tips #63 & Sept. Special
-Many Win 10 users are having problems with comps freezing since the Creator’s Update was released recently. Try this before seeking help. Connect your comp to your router with an ethernet cable instead of using wifi. Then restart the comp 3 or 4 times, paying attention to any popup instructions and doing what they tell you to do. It usually sorts out a hung-up update. Do NOT force it off by holding the power button down till it shut off. If you click shutdown and it doesn’t, then it is working in the background and forcing it off may break it. It will shut down when the background task completes.
-Many Win 7/Vista comps that should never have been updated to Win 10, but were, are now having crashes. It can take 6mo or more before problems become evident. You did check the manufacturers website to confirm your model was Win 10 capable before allowing the update to proceed, didn’t you? The Microsoft Win 10 Upgrade Advisor cannot be trusted! You MUST check the mfg website for correct info! free email users now have a free VPN available. Open Protonmail, go to Settings, then click VPN and proceed with installing it.
-SPECIAL: Today’s new large hard drives are under much more stress than the older smaller ones since the tracking arm must do more work to cover the greater disk area. Extend the life of your hard drive by getting it reconditioned. Does not remove any data, recovers bad sectors and re-energizes the magnetic surface of the disk. All banks and mission critical computer systems do this annually. Till the end of Sept I will do this job for €50, usually €70.
Contact: email or call 675 993 069 (no calls before 11am). If I miss your call I will return it promptly.
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You can tip me for advice or services by topping up my mobile prepay credit, 675993069(Orange).

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