DoctorLaptop’s Tips #66 – The Future of Windows – Facts and Speculation

DoctorLaptop’s Tips #66 – The Future of Windows – Facts and Speculation
Microsoft says Windows 10 is the last number-designated version of Windows, with only “Creator’s Updates” to follow. No Windows 11. Microsoft has already implemented the  move to their new “Windows as a service” biz model. MS will retire the old biz model where Windows came free with the computer. Did you know Win 10 mainstream support ends in Oct 2020!?!  Only 10 months after Win 7 becomes obsolete! Extended support for Win 10 ends Oct 2025. From then on you will have to rent a new version of Windows from Microsoft (and possibly rent a computer from them too!). The debut of the new rental Windows loaded computers is expected by 2021. This new rental version of Windows will not run on older computers; MS has already announced old processors will not be supported in the future. Here’s the proof, read ALL the small print for once!

win10 end of support

Speculation: The new rental-version Windows may require you to sign-in to a verified account (as Win 10 tries to get you to do now with a MS/Outlook account) to access the internet, or possibly use the computer at all. New versions of your favorite apps will be rented not purchased, and will force you to store saved data on the cloud instead of your computer. As the Win 7 retirement date approaches (Jan 2020) Microsoft will begin “encouraging” Win 7 users to retire their old operating system by releasing buggy updates to break it, just as they did when Win XP and Vista neared the end of their life-cycles.

Happy computing…Naythan

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4 thoughts on “DoctorLaptop’s Tips #66 – The Future of Windows – Facts and Speculation

  1. So when support, mainstream or extended, ends, does that mean Windows 10 will stop working or can we just carry on using it without the annoying updates? And, in light of this information, would you recommend that the average user should consider switching to, say, Linux?


    1. You will be able to use it but without security updates, it will be like XP is now, limited and not safe. I believe getting familiar with any popular version of Linux is a good thing for everyone, it is much simpler now.


      1. Thanks for that. I didn’t know there was more than version of Linux. Is there one which you would recommend for an “average” computer user (sorry, I do appreciate that’s like asking the length of string, but any guidance would be useful)?


      2. For a first Linux experience I recommend Manjaro Linux, simple install, works right away with all drivers and common apps pre-installed. You can download the .iso and burn a DVD. This will allow you to boot from the dvd to try the system before you do a true install. This is known as booting from a live disc.


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