Mega-breaches of User Name and Password Databases at Major Brands including LinkedIn, Myspace, Dropbox and Yahoo! Here’s How to Find Out if Yours Were Included.

How to check if your account details have been leaked

‘Have I Been Pwned’ is a vital service for checking if your accounts are safe.

Australian cybersecurity researcher and lecturer Troy Hunt has created a vital online service called ‘Have I Been Pwned’ that allows people to search massive databases of emails to check if they have been compromised by hackers.

When you get to the homepage, simply enter your chosen email into the large search bar and hit enter. Then, the website will search through the one million-plus accounts and give you a quick response about whether it you have been impacted.

At the time of writing, the website has gathered data on nearly 130 ‘pwned’ websites – with its databases including hacked user accounts from high-profile leaks like Adobe, Ashley Madison, Tumblr, Sony and Hacking Team.

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Geek-speak note: pwned

A corruption of the word “Owned.” This originated in an online game called Warcraft, where a map designer misspelled “owned.” When the computer beat a player, it was supposed to say, so-and-so “has been owned.” Instead, it said, so-and-so “has been pwned.” It basically means “to own” or to be dominated by an opponent or situation, especially by some god-like or computer-like force.

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