30Sep15 DoctorLaptop’s Tips

-Still seeing many failed Win 10 upgrades. Before you attempt this please make a “disc image” backup of your current system. With this you can return the computer to it’s current state should the upgrade go bad. Use an external hard drive for storing the backup. Step by step instructions for creating a disk image backup in Win Vista/7/8/10 here: http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/4241/how-to-create-a-system-image-in-windows-7/

-Electricity here is inconsistent. To avoid serious problems that this can cause get an UPS (universal power supply) to supply power to computers, external hard drives and monitors. Providing 220 volts regardless of incoming surges or drop-outs, it also stores enough power to allow you to close open files and shutdown properly in the event of a power outage. Standard “surge protectors” are insufficient for computers. UPS units, with 2 sockets, start at around 50 euros. Plugging an extension cord into a UPS may place too great a load on it. If necessary, get a UPS with more sockets.

-Sent emails not arriving, updates or Skype stalling, or unable to use sync or cloud services? This may be the result of a poor quality connection or slow upload speeds. Poor quality may cause some services to decide you have disconnected and drop you before the task is complete. Run the test at www.pingtest.net , note this test requires Java and Flash Player to be installed. A score of “B minus” or lower indicates your connection lacks the quality required by some popular services. Check the results details for explanations in plain language of any problems found. If the test shows a poor latency score, or many dropped packets, you can expect some problems uploading. Then check the upload speed at www.speedof.me . To give you an idea of what upload speed you require, Skype will probably be the biggest use of uploading you do unless you are a game player., Skype recommends 300kb/s for basic video calls, 700kb/s for group calls and 1.5mb/s for HD calls.


10Aug15 – Outlook Servers Down, Hacking Car/Garage Locks, and EZ Win10 Security Fix


A 25euro device that opens most car and Garage doors!

RollJam — $30 Device That Unlocks Almost Any Car And Garage Door

Recently researchers even demonstrated how hackers can remotely hijack a Jeep Cherokee to control its steering, brakes and transmission. Now, researchers have discovered another type of car hack that can be used to unlock almost every car or garage door. You only need two radios, a microcontroller and a battery, costing barely under $30, to devise what’s called RollJam capable to unlock any car or garage at the click of a button, making auto hacking cars so simple that anyone can do it. Read more here:  http://thehackernews.com/2015/08/rolljam-unlock-car-garage.html


The Outlook , Hotmail and Windows Live email servers are having big problems, especially in the UK and USA.

If you use one of these services, with a .co.uk or .com email address, you rely on those servers to some degree. All sorts of strange behavior has been reported in thousands of bug reports the last few days. As the company is keeping quiet about this we can only speculate on causes. Go here for details and related forum posts: https://downdetector.com/status/outlook


Tip — Installing Windows 10‬? Fix 35+ Privacy Issues With Just One Click

The new free software app, dubbed DoNotSpy10, allows you to disable a total of 37 Windows 10 privacy issues with just one click.

DoNotSpy10 creates a centralized interface where you can quickly and easily change settings related to 37 different Windows 10 services that directly impact the security and privacy of your data.

DoNotSpy10 prevents you from going through dozens of various features settings in Windows 10 and lets you adjust all privacy and security settings in one place with just a click.

Get more info here:  http://thehackernews.com/2015/08/secure-install-windows-10.html

Get the program here:  http://pxc-coding.com/blog/donotspy10-1001/