DoctorLaptop’s Tips #65 and Holiday Special

DoctorLaptop’s Tips #65 and Holiday Special
Tip #1: The latest info on the Spanish Facebook security scandal and the €12M fine they received here,
Want a free, secure alternative to FaceBook? Here is a safe Social Media site that takes your privacy seriously, an alternative to data collecting, overly intrusive FB. Many techs and citizen journalists are migrating to it. Join up and then invite all your contacts.
Tip #2: New Computer? Setting up a new Windows 10 computer can be tricky, tons of settings and options to choose, programs and drivers to install and your data needs to be imported from your old comp. Warning: do NOT inturrupt the initial setup process, if you start you must see it thru till the end or it will may cause severe problems. If you get stuck on a step, just accept the default setting and move on. It can be changed later if necessary. Inturrupting setup often causes a troublesome “hidden” super-admin account to be created which interferes with your normal admin account, and can only be removed by re-installing Windows.
Holiday Special: Setup new computer to your requirements, no data imported €40; with data import €55. Extra add-ons available like MS Office and IPTV for an additional fee. Ends 01Jan18.
Contact: or 675 993 069
Most jobs completed overnight.

DoctorLaptop’s Tips and an Urgent Request 24July15

Apparently my wifi has been reconnected, will have to see how it goes for the next few days.

DoctorLaptop Urgent Request
My upstairs neighbor flooded their flat 3 months ago and waited 2 months to inform me. It took 2 wks to get a contractor to come inspect it. He said it will require a full renovation to cure the problems. First my flat was getting mould then my ceiling began to cave in! Now the lecky is dodgy and the wifi has quit. Please help me find a new flat for long term rental. I would like to move in anytime from mid-August on, definitely by 01Sep. It needs to be on the Costa del Sol, between Nerja and Valez Malaga, near a town, with a supermarket within walking distance. My dog, MrBones must be welcome. A big studio or small 1 bedroom would be sufficient. Of course I need wifi. And it needs to be as inexpensive as possible. A long term house-sit could also work. I realize I am asking a lot for this time of year but I have faith Digame readers will come thru with a solution!  My mobile number is available on my website. Thank y’all!
Website: and Email:

Facebook Spreading Data Stealing Trojan
If you came across any suspicious Facebook message with ‘LOL’ text or a fake Image file sent by any of your Facebook friends, avoid clicking it. A Trojan horse is currently circulating in wild through the Facebook social network that could steal your Facebook account data and Credentials.

Security researchers spotted this malware campaign first in the beginning of March this year, where the Trojan spreads itself through the Facebook’s Messenger service (inbox) by messaging a victim pretending to be one of their friends saying “LOL” with a zip file attached, which appears to be a photo, named “”.

In Past two weeks, many of our readers informed us that they received similar ZIP files from their trusted Facebook friends. The Hacker News team also noticed that despite after several warnings in media, once again the malware campaign just goes viral like any other video scam, but this time directly through users’ inbox-to-inbox.
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