DoctorLaptop’s Tips #61
Ransomware has returned as an active threat after an 18 month period
where it was not very common. This is due to the recent release of  U.S. NSA
hacking tools. In the last wave of ransomware I advised the installation of
Hitman Alert. If you still have it keep it updated, and be glad you took my
advice and got it while it was free. New copies are no longer free. Here is
what you need to know to protect your computers.
1. Ransomware usually arrives in an email attachment and installs when you
open the attachment. New hacking techniques make it possible for these
booby-trapped emails to appear as if they were sent by someone on your
Contacts list! Do not open any attachments, even from contacts, unless you
are expecting an attachment. Ransomware can also come from other sources like
poisoned websites or infected network connections. Spanish internet service provider Telefonica had servers targeted with ransomware this week.
2. Keep your Windows fully updated. There are no forced Windows 10 upgrades
to worry about anymore. If Windows Updater does not run after a half hour wait then it is probably corrupt, a common problem with Windows 7/8.1. This can be repaired with the proper tools.
3. Only download software from sites with a good reputation. Many sites that
offer free downloads will infect your computer. I suggest using these safe sites:
4. Use a good antivirus and keep it updated. Free, reliable options are
explained on this site, including safe download links.
5. Use a ransomware blocker unless you use BitDefender antivirus, which has
one built in. I suggest using this free one, it will run beside your antivirus without
problems and requires no user actions unless you are attacked. If it detects ransomware it will pop up a window with instructions to complete the removal process. If it asks for permission to update do so. Read the info on the download page to understand how it works, explained in easy to understand language:
6. If you get infected with ransomware, force computer off by using the power button and bring it to me or a true professional repair facility immediately. I can probably remove it and save everything if you get it to me in under 24hrs. Time is of the essence! Do not let untrained techs attempt a recovery or you risk losing all your data and necessitating a full system re-install. This is not a job for amateurs.
7. To remove an unwanted antivirus is now a 2 step process. Windows instructions: First, uninstall in the usual way by going to Control Panel>Programs and Features, then choose the program and click Uninstall. Restart computer. Second, go to one of the download sites mentioned above and use the site’s search-box by entering
“the name of your antivirus + uninstall tool” and click search. Find the appropriate tool, download it. Find the downloaded file, usually in your Downloads Folder, right click it and choose Run As Administrator. Then follow the prompts. Then restart computer. Now run CCleaner and use the Registry function to remove any left over files.
Contact: doctorlaptop @ Mobile: 675 993 069 (no calls before 11am)

DoctorLaptop’s March Madness Specials and Windows 10 Info

DoctorLaptop’s March Madness Specials and Windows 10 Info
In order to pay off debts I incurred during my recent severe illness I am offering these unbeatable specials. If you have benefited from the free advice and solutions I provide the community now is the time to show your support by availing yourself of these specials. I greatly appreciate your patronage.
Windows 10 is now stable and can be installed on any computer that shipped with Windows 8/8.1. Most computers that were originally Windows 7 can also run Windows 10, although some models may not support Cortana (the annoying talking search feature that few use).
Special #1: Upgrade your computer to Windows 10.  Now only €60 for laptops, add €10 for towers! This includes saving all your data (pics, docs, vids, etc.). Includes installing many popular programs: Google Chrome and Firefox browsers including uBlock ad blocker and Ghostery tracking blocker, Avast AntiVirus Free, CyberReason Ransomware Blocker, Ccleaner, VLC Media Player, WPS Office (supports Microsoft Office files), FreeTelly and FilmOn to view your TV favs (connect your TV with an HDMI cable to replace your KODI box), CyberGhost Free VPN, Adobe Reader/Acrobat, Java, Flash Player and Iobit Uninstaller. Computers with a DVD drive will also receive a Recovery Disc. Normally this package would cost well over €100 depending on how much data needs saving. Notes: you may need to reinstall your printer driver; brand name towers only, no custom built towers.
Special #2: Computer lessons on your chosen topic only €15/hr. Make a list of tasks you want to do. I will teach you how to do it.
Special #3: Get your own simple 1 page website. Only €45! No annual fees. Perfect to advertise your biz or property. Simply bring me the info and pics you want to include. Need to update the site text or pics in the future? I’ll do it while you wait for €15.
Email: doctorlaptop @  Phone: 675 993 069

01Dec15 DoctorLaptop’s Tips #44 Computer Shopping, Win 10 Pre-installed, Tablets, More…

Rule: Always google the exact make/model number and read up on any gadget you are considering buying. Read some independent reviews and some user feedback. If the model has problems people will have posted complaints. For example, google “Toshiba C50 + problems” to see if it has known issues.
Rule: Beware “loss leader” bargain priced items. The are usually either older items that sat in a warehouse for 2yrs(a long time in computer terms), or are of low quality construction (flexing displays or keyboards, weak hinges, thin plastic frames, etc).

Windows 10 Computers Now Hitting the Market
Just in time for holiday shopping, computers with Win 10 pre-installed are available on line and in some shops. I suggest anyone shopping for computers avoid the marked down Win 8.1 units. They won’t be a bargain if the dreaded Win 10 update, that you will be pushed into, fails! Pre-installed Windows 10 is well worth any extra cost unless you plan to have a clean install of Win 10 done (wipe the hard disk of all data and start fresh) on a bargain priced Win 8/8.1 unit. The benefit of a clean install of Win 10 is the elimination of all “bloatware” rubbish programs and apps they load into all manufacturer loaded operating systems. I will now do a clean install of Win 10 (Enterprise version, top of the line) onto any computer that was originally Win 8/8.1 for 75euros, 25% off the previous rate.

First Thing To Do After You Setup Any New Computer, Win or Mac
The 1st time you start your new computer you will be taken thru the setup process. Once this is completed the next thing to do is make a Recovery USB Flash Drive. You or your tech can use this to recover from a variety of problems or to reinstall the system should that be necessary. Buy a 16Gb flash drive for this.
In Win 10 it’s easy, watch this short video:

In Macs it’s a bit more complicated, directions here:

Tablets: Windows 10 vs iPads vs Android
If you are considering buying a tablet be aware that Windows 10 tablets are available. If you are a Windows user and have never used Apple PCs or smartphones before, I suggest you stick with Windows. The Apple user must be dedicated to learning new names for functions and different ways of doing common tasks, plus the manditory constant updating and backups. Apple is more than an operating system, it is a lifestyle. Android tablets use a linux style operating system, similar to Android smartphones. If you love your Android smartphone then an Android tablet may be for you. In any case, go to some shops and have any tablets you are considering demonstrated for you. See how you find the web browser, check email, watch TV, etc. See how you connect the wifi. If it looks too confusing, keep shopping.

Change Spanish Win 10 to English? No problem!
Windows 10 supports changing the default language! You no longer need to be concerned about the default language when you buy a computer — if you prefer to use a different language, you can change it at any time. Here’s how:


Happy Holidays to All !!!

The Windows 10 Upgrade Problems Begin!

I am already getting reports of failed Win 10 upgrades.

Everyone needs to run the Windows 10 Upgrade adviser before doing the upgrade to avoid problems. Go here for details on doing this:

Please be sure to make a SYSTEM IMAGE BACKUP before beginning the Win 10 upgrade process. This is so you can return your device to it’s  previous state (all data and activation key included) should the upgrade fail. To make the System Image you will need an external hard drive to store it on, that has more free space than is currently in use on your computer’s hard drive.  Connect the external drive and confirm it is available , look in Start/Computer and be sure it is listed. Then go to Control Panel/Backup and Recovery, click “Create a System Image” from the menu on the left. Then choose to make the backup Image on an external device, choose your device from the list, then follow the prompts. Once it starts expect it to be a few hours before it finishes, and possibly much longer if you have 100+Gb of data in your system. Do not use the computer until this task is done.

To use the System Image to recover, first connect the external drive before powering the computer up. Then push the power button while tapping F8. When a new menu appears, or if you start getting “beeps” quit tapping F8. Then…

  1. On the Advanced Boot Options screen, use the arrow keys to highlight Repair your computer, and then press Enter.

  2. Select a keyboard layout, and then click Next.

  3. Select a user name, type the password, and then click OK.

  4. On the System Recovery Options menu, click System Image Recovery, and then follow the instructions.


    If any drivers or programs fail to work after upgrading to Win 10, reinstall them using Compatibility Mode for Win 7 on Vista. Then they will probably install correctly. Here’s how: First, uninstall the failed program or driver installer program. Reboot. Next, locate the driver installer program or other problematic program installer, right-click on it’s filename, choose Properties, and then the Compatibility tab. Check the “Run this program in compatibility mode for…” check box, and choose Windows 7 or Windows Vista . Apply the changes, choose OK to close the dialog box, and then run the program. If the program doesn’t work with one setting, you can try it with the other settings as well. The Vista setting will work on almost all post XP Windows systems.  Email me if you need help doing this.