07Oct15 – Windows 10 Info and News

The 7 Versions of Windows 10

I am only including the info on the Enterprise version here, as it may be the source of the rumored “secure” Win 10 for businesses. The latest insider rumors say the secure version is the Win 10 Enterprise version  plus some special updates. Of course Win 10 Enterprise as well as these updates will be for corporate customers only. There are 6 other versions of Win 10. Read more: http://www.digitaltrends.com/computing/windows-10-will-have-seven-editions-heres-how-to-tell-which-is-for-you/#ixzz3npSGKl4U

Windows 10 Enterprise

Expanding upon features addressed in Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise is being constructed with medium to large sized corporations in mind. Demonstrating its ideas of quintessential protection from security breaches, Microsoft assures that Windows 10 Enterprise “[will provide] advanced capabilities to help protect against the ever-growing range of modern security threats targeted at devices, identities, applications and sensitive information.”

Like with Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Enterprise will be packaged with Windows Update for Business while also adding Long Term Servicing Branches, allowing businesses to refuse functionality-centric software updates while accepting only security-related amendments.

This version of the operating system will be only distributed through the Volume Licensing program, meaning Windows 10 Enterprise will be intended for purchase in bulk. Consumers typically aren’t allowed to order the operating system through this program.

Why can’t these guys speak English?

Microsoft says “Adapt or Die!” (and they expect you to have a fast, high quality internet connection)

Windows 10’s accelerated update and upgrade tempo requires users to discard habits that accreted over decades, a painful change but one that can be managed, a Gartner analyst said today.

“There’s a new velocity of the rate of change when you move to Windows 10,” Steven Kleynhans, a Gartner analyst who tracks the Redmond, Wash. firm, said in an interview. “It’s not optional. You have to get on board.”

In an interview, Kleynhans, who this week will host a Windows 10 session for CIOs at Gartner’s annual Orlando-based symposium, focused on what enterprises must do to deal with Windows 10, Microsoft’s newest OS — in particular, its rapid update and upgrade schedule. With Windows 10, Microsoft will deliver not only the usual security patches and the occasional non-security bug fix — historically what the company shipped between each major version — but also new features and functionality, user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) improvements, and enhanced services and apps.

Windows 10 will be updated about every four months — central to Microsoft’s pivot toward its “Windows as a service” strategy — and although businesses will be on a delayed deployment schedule compared to consumers, they will, with some exceptions, be required to adopt those updates in order to continue receiving all-important security fixes.

Read the full article here: http://www.computerworld.com/article/2989001/microsoft-windows/windows-10-adapt-or-die.html