Stopping the Bot Infection

To prevent bot activity on your computer be sure “heuristic analysis” is enabled in your anti-virus program settings. Heuristic analysis is a method employed by many computer antivirus programs designed to detect previously unknown computer viruses, as well as new variants of viruses already in the “wild”.


Ransomware Update – The Threat Continues, by DoctorLaptop

Ransomware Update – The Threat Continues, by DoctorLaptop
Despite what you may have heard about a solution found to stop the recent ransomware attacks the threat is not gone. Be sure you have protected your computers. A new wave of attacks has begun and we should expect several more waves of attacks in coming months. The new attacks don’t only encrypt your data like classic ransomware. Instead some hijack your system and run hacker programs hidden in the background while your computer is on. This is known in tech jargon as turning your computer into a “bot”. As a result your computer gets slow and all your data and info are exposed. Hackers use armies of bots to accomplish hacking schemes that require massive numbers of computers focused on a task, such as doing “denial of service attacks” and “mining” crypto-currency. Read this article for an explanation in easy to understand terms.  Contact me if you need help or have questions. Email: or Mobile 675 993 069 (after 11am please).

22Aug15 – DoctorLaptop’s Tips

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Microsoft pushes Emergency Patch for Zero-Day Internet Explorer Flaw

It’s time to immediately patch your Internet Explorer – Once again!

Microsoft has issued an emergency out-of-band patch for all supported versions of Internet Explorer browser, to fix a critical security flaw that hackers are actively exploiting to hijack control of targeted computers.

The Zero-Day flaw (assigned CVE-2015-2502) is a Remote Code Execution vulnerability that could be exploited when a user visits a booby-trapped website or open a malicious email on an affected machine.

The security bug actually resides in the way Internet Explorer handles objects in memory. If successfully exploited, a hacker could gain the same user privileges as the current user.

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Windows 10 Doesn’t Stop Spying You, Even After Disabling It’s Creepy Features

In our previous articles, we raised concern about Windows 10 privacy issues, including its controversial Wi-Fi Sense feature. Also, to cope up with these issues, I provided you a one-click solution to fix all privacy compromising features that allow Microsoft to track users.

But unfortunately, all those efforts got wasted because Microsoft still tracks you, even after you harden your Windows 10 privacy to an extreme level by disabling all privacy-infringing settings.

This time the culprits are – Cortana and Bing search.

Windows 10 features, including Cortana and Bing search, continue communicating with Microsoft’s servers and sending it data, even after you turned the features off.

 A Technical Analysis done by Ars showed that even when you tell Microsoft to not to make any Internet-related inquiries by changing various privacy settings, it appears that Windows 10 still communicate with the software giant’s servers for different information.

Cortana is Cheating on You

With Cortana and searching the Web from the Start menu turned off, a request to is still made for a file called threshold.appcache that contains some Cortana information, whenever a user opens Start and start typing.

The operating system’s voice assistant Cortana sends information containing user’s identifying computer ID that persists across reboots. This allows Microsoft to distinguish between the Cortana requests from different computers.

The worrisome part is that Cortana sends this data even though she is disabled.

Windows 10 Sends your Data via Unencrypted Channel

Moreover, it also appears that Microsoft keeps on sending data to its servers via its Live Tiles in the Start menu. Even if users clear all the Tiles, Windows 10 re-install new tile info from Microsoft.

However, Windows 10 do so using unencrypted HTTP connections, potentially leaving users open to malicious actors who could intercept the traffic between users and the company, which is more troublesome.

In response to the latest report, Microsoft said that all communications between a Windows 10 machine and Microsoft are only to make the retrieval of updates easier.

“As part of delivering Windows 10 as a service, updates may be offered to provide ongoing new features to Bing searches, such as new visual layouts, styles and search code,” Microsoft said.

Microsoft further added that “no query or search usage data” is sent to the company, in accordance with the user’s selected privacy settings, and the same applied to searching offline for apps, files and settings on the device.

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DoctorLaptop’s Tips and an Urgent Request 24July15

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DoctorLaptop Urgent Request
My upstairs neighbor flooded their flat 3 months ago and waited 2 months to inform me. It took 2 wks to get a contractor to come inspect it. He said it will require a full renovation to cure the problems. First my flat was getting mould then my ceiling began to cave in! Now the lecky is dodgy and the wifi has quit. Please help me find a new flat for long term rental. I would like to move in anytime from mid-August on, definitely by 01Sep. It needs to be on the Costa del Sol, between Nerja and Valez Malaga, near a town, with a supermarket within walking distance. My dog, MrBones must be welcome. A big studio or small 1 bedroom would be sufficient. Of course I need wifi. And it needs to be as inexpensive as possible. A long term house-sit could also work. I realize I am asking a lot for this time of year but I have faith Digame readers will come thru with a solution!  My mobile number is available on my website. Thank y’all!
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Facebook Spreading Data Stealing Trojan
If you came across any suspicious Facebook message with ‘LOL’ text or a fake Image file sent by any of your Facebook friends, avoid clicking it. A Trojan horse is currently circulating in wild through the Facebook social network that could steal your Facebook account data and Credentials.

Security researchers spotted this malware campaign first in the beginning of March this year, where the Trojan spreads itself through the Facebook’s Messenger service (inbox) by messaging a victim pretending to be one of their friends saying “LOL” with a zip file attached, which appears to be a photo, named “”.

In Past two weeks, many of our readers informed us that they received similar ZIP files from their trusted Facebook friends. The Hacker News team also noticed that despite after several warnings in media, once again the malware campaign just goes viral like any other video scam, but this time directly through users’ inbox-to-inbox.
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