DoctorLaptop’s Tips #38 31July15 (this post also in Digame)

DoctorLaptop‘s Tips #38 31July15
Safari Web Browser In Windows?
I keep finding Safari browser in client’s computers. Safari is
for Macs. There was a Windows version but it was discontinued
after the last Windows supported version was released 3yrs ago.
Please uninstall it if you have it on any Windows system. Email
me if you want help saving your bookmarks/favorites. More info
Did You Know Dictation Is Built Into Win 7 and 8?
Yes, you can talk to your microphone equipped computer and it
will do the typing. The mic built into your laptop will work,
but for greater accuracy use a headset/mic combo. You can
dictate documents directly into your favorite word processing
program, run programs and open files all by voice command. There
is a built in tutorial when you first enable it to get you set
up and familiar with all the basic features. Visit this site for
detailed instructions on enabling this largely unknown Windows
Windows 7’s Calculator Has a Few Tricks Up It’s Sleeve
Look in the View menu after you open Calculator. Start/All
Programs/Accessories/Calculator. It can do many kinds of unit
conversion (temperature, weight, area, and eight others),
interesting date calculations, and even has worksheets to
calculate a mortgage payment or a car’s fuel mileage. and Email:
All repairs. Also customized classes on all topics, 75mins. for 25 euros.