DoctorLaptop’s Tips #60 18APR17

DoctorLaptop’s Tips #60 18APR17
-Unless you are still running Windows XP or Vista (shame on you, both are obsolete) don’t worry about the recent news headlines regarding Windows hacks being released. Windows7/8/10 users who keep their Windows Updates current are not at risk.
-Windows 7 users are no longer in danger of receiving an unwanted upgrade to Windows 10. Turn auto-updates back on if you have not already done so, as announced in an earlier edition of my “Tips”. If auto-updates has been off for a while expect a large number of new updates, so be patient. After setting Windows Updates to “automatically check for and install updates”, click on Check Now For Updates and leave it running all night. Connect power cable before starting this, never update on battery power. You can now also remove the GWX Control Panel program for blocking Windows 10 updates if you installed it. GWX does not need to be “uninstalled” like other programs, simply delete the .exe program file and restart your computer.
-MacBook 2016 owners, your Apple warranty says that it will not cover any “damage caused by service (including upgrades and expansions!) performed by anyone who is not a representative of Apple or an Apple Authorized Service Provider.” Apple can use this to deny you warranty repair coverage after 3rd party repairs, resulting in Genius Bar repair charges of hundreds of euros. It’s a shame to find it on the new Macbooks, as previous Apple laptops allowed users to do some light modifications without completely
voiding your warranty. Details at:
-My 5th Anniversary Clean&TuneUp Special expires on May 1st. Do it now to avoid problems the coming summer heat can cause.
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12Dec15-DoctorLaptop’s Tips + Specials

I repair what others can only replace!
I repair what others can only replace!
12Dec15-DoctorLaptop’s Tips + Specials
-Angry IP Scanner, a free program allows you see all the devices on your wifi, including moochers. It can’t stop them but then you know it’s time to change the wifi password. Find video tutorials on YouTube for changing wifi passwords on specific models of routers/modems. Ex: search YouTube for “change wifi password Cisco-WN1200 router”. Remember you are changing the wifi logon password, not the router/modem login passsword. Use WPA or WPA2 security, and not WEP in the Security Settings.
Get Angry IP Scanner here, for Win and Mac:
-Special Deal, December 2015 only
Clean, tuneup and optimize any computer, 30euros. Does not apply to heavily infected units or those with hardware problems or displaying error messages. Those require a repair.
-New Service! Test drive Win 10 on Your Computer Without Losing Your Current System!
I now have a bootable USB2 external hard drive with Windows 10 installed. If you want to see if your computer is Windows 10 capable and what it will look and feel like, bring it over and we will boot your computer from my external drive and see how well it handles Windows 10 without disturbing your current system. This is the most reliable way to see if your computer will run Windows 10 successfully, and if you need any 3rd party drivers (some do, some don’t). Then we check to see if those drivers are availabe yet. For older Win 7 original comps, many times the USB3/Wifi/Bluetooth drivers for Win 10 are not available yet, or possibly ever. 20 euros, takes about 40-60 mins. to set up and check all features are working.

11Aug15 – Windows 10: Microsoft update breaks computers and forces them to keep rebooting

I have already seen this problem a few times this week! One of the first major updates to Win10 has completely broken the computers of many of those who have installed it.


The update, codenamed KB3081424, is referred to as a “cumulative update” — intended to collect up a range of bug and security fixes and push them out in one go.

But for many users it is freezing their computers, forcing them into a loop that sees them try to restart, give up and shut off, before trying to reboot all over again. When the update fails to install, it tries to start all over again.

Because Windows 10 has a system for pushing security updates out to users, the update can be downloaded automatically and loaded straight onto computers.

See more at: and also at

Windows 10 Update 04Aug15- A New Scam and Undoing Win 10 Upgrade

Be aware, after upgrading your Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 systems to Windows 10, you do have 30-days to “downgrade” your PC back to the previous version of Windows.

To start the downgrade, make sure you’re plugged in — the downgrade can take several hours — and log into an admin account. From the Start Menu, click or tap “Settings” then “Update & security.” Choose the “Recovery” option, and then select “Go back to Windows 7” or “Go back to Windows 8.1.” Click “Get started”. You’ll have to give a reason why you want to downgrade. Click “Next” twice and the rollback will begin.


 New Windows 10 scam will encrypt your files for ransom

A cautionary tale in being patient, and not skipping the line.

Just days after Microsoft released its latest operating system, hackers have begun targeting soon-to-be Windows 10 users with an emerging kind of malware.

Cisco security researchers are warning users against opening email attachments purporting to be from the software giant. The “ransomware” malware, which encrypts files until a ransom is paid, is being sent as part of an email spam campaign. The emails claims it’s attachment includes an installer that allows users to get the new operating system sooner. Once a user downloads and opens the attached executable file, the malware payload opens, encrypting data on the affected computer, and locking the owner out.

If you do get this infection you need professional servicing immediately, time is of the essence if you want to save your data and avoid a full re-install of your operating system.  Read more here:


The Windows 10 Upgrade Problems Begin!

I am already getting reports of failed Win 10 upgrades.

Everyone needs to run the Windows 10 Upgrade adviser before doing the upgrade to avoid problems. Go here for details on doing this:

Please be sure to make a SYSTEM IMAGE BACKUP before beginning the Win 10 upgrade process. This is so you can return your device to it’s  previous state (all data and activation key included) should the upgrade fail. To make the System Image you will need an external hard drive to store it on, that has more free space than is currently in use on your computer’s hard drive.  Connect the external drive and confirm it is available , look in Start/Computer and be sure it is listed. Then go to Control Panel/Backup and Recovery, click “Create a System Image” from the menu on the left. Then choose to make the backup Image on an external device, choose your device from the list, then follow the prompts. Once it starts expect it to be a few hours before it finishes, and possibly much longer if you have 100+Gb of data in your system. Do not use the computer until this task is done.

To use the System Image to recover, first connect the external drive before powering the computer up. Then push the power button while tapping F8. When a new menu appears, or if you start getting “beeps” quit tapping F8. Then…

  1. On the Advanced Boot Options screen, use the arrow keys to highlight Repair your computer, and then press Enter.

  2. Select a keyboard layout, and then click Next.

  3. Select a user name, type the password, and then click OK.

  4. On the System Recovery Options menu, click System Image Recovery, and then follow the instructions.


    If any drivers or programs fail to work after upgrading to Win 10, reinstall them using Compatibility Mode for Win 7 on Vista. Then they will probably install correctly. Here’s how: First, uninstall the failed program or driver installer program. Reboot. Next, locate the driver installer program or other problematic program installer, right-click on it’s filename, choose Properties, and then the Compatibility tab. Check the “Run this program in compatibility mode for…” check box, and choose Windows 7 or Windows Vista . Apply the changes, choose OK to close the dialog box, and then run the program. If the program doesn’t work with one setting, you can try it with the other settings as well. The Vista setting will work on almost all post XP Windows systems.  Email me if you need help doing this.

News and Tips and Special Offer – 19July15

Google’s Search by Image Tool

You no longer need to begin the image search with a word or a phrase. You can now begin with an actual image that you see on the web, or that you have on your computer, to search for similar images or to find out more information about that specific image.
Visit this site for detailed instructions and video:

Confirmed: Windows 10 users to receive forced updates
On previous versions of Windows, users had options to block updates from being deployed automatically, for instance to run tests before deploying them or waiting a certain time period to make sure updates would not break anything. In addition to that, Helen Harmetz, Microsoft Senior Product Marketing Manager, confirmed recently that Windows 10 Pro users would not be able to delay updates indefinitely without serious consequences either. It is unknown if users may remove updates from the operating system and how those removed updates are handled in this regard. While it may make sense from a company perspective to deploy updates automatically on user machines, it is problematic for a number of reasons. First, updates may break things as the past has shown over and over again, possibly rendering the PC unusable. Second, forced updates remove control from users. Most computer systems running previous iterations of Windows may be configured to download and install updates automatically, which is not different from what Microsoft has in mind now, but for those users who block this, it may be a deal breaker. Read more at:

Microsoft revealed this year’s timeline and prices for Windows 10
July 29, 2015 – Windows 10 is available as a free upgrade.
August – Retail copies of Windows 10 become available, first PCs with Windows 10 are available.
September – New hardware is showcased on IFA. Important feature: Biometrie / Windows Hello.
Autumn –  Upgrades for Windows Phone and Xbox One become available
Retail prices:
Windows 10 Home – 119 Euros
Windows 10 Pro – 279 Euros
Windows 10 Home upgrade to Pro – 159 Euros

Special Deal for DoctorLaptop’s Tips Subscribers
Print out this page and bring it in for 20% off any job for the remainder of July 2015. Offer ends 31JULY2015.


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