Welcome to DoctorLaptop’s Tips Blog!!

Info regarding all media devices will be included: all computers, tablets, phones, TVs and etc.

To view blog entries click on the Menu button on the left, it has 3 parallel lines as a symbol (known as a “hamburger menu”). Then choose the topic or date of the daily blog you wish to view.

Please make all repair and info requests directly to my email: doctorlaptop@protonmail.com

This is my new email service with a new address, doctorlaptop@protonmail.com. Please update my address in your contact list. I will continue to receive emails to the gmx.com address, but new outgoing emails from me will be protonmail.com. Links to my Facebook and Twitter:
 Naythan, mobile 675 993 069 (no calls before 11am please)

The purpose of this blog is to provide a forum where DoctorLaptop can post more detailed versions of the popular DoctorLaptop’s Tips posts he has contributed to the Digame.blogspot.com and DigameXtra.com websites for the past 5+ years. I will also include links to news articles of interest to computer and other media device users.


22 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hi Naythan, congrats on your website. Always look forward to your tips and of course your expertise when things go wrong with my computers R


    1. Hola Tony,
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  2. Hey,Naythan.Hope you and Mister Bones are doing ok! This is just a bit of a heads up really.Well I wasn’t aware untill today. Having downloaded Windows 10 a week ago I decided to do a scan. I use Avast. Anyway as I was preparing the scan,Microwsoft prompted me and said that Windows 10 does not support Avast. Well thats great so I’ve been running unsecured. However I’ve switched back to ESET as recommended by you. Thought you may like to pass this on.


    1. Naythan gives his valuable free time to help us and all you can do is criticise him. If you don’t like what ‘you’ consider to be fastidious but what we consider to be of help then why don’t you vete ala miedra. I have supplied my name and email address and if you had the cojones then so would have you. Merry Xmas not.

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    2. Thanks…I think. 2c sounds like a compliment.
      Full Definition of FASTIDIOUS
      1) archaic : scornful
      2) a : having high and often capricious standards : difficult to please
      b : showing or demanding excessive delicacy or care
      c : reflecting a meticulous, sensitive, or demanding attitude


  3. It could be that ‘Social media and web 2.0 back links’ posting above is actually a compliment to Naythan. It reads like a poorly Google translated missive, to me??


  4. Really trowtsurthy blog. Please keep updating with great posts like this one. I have booked marked your site and am about to email it to a few friends of mine that I know would enjoy reading..


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