Yahoo Email Alert – 500M Password/Username Combos Stolen

Yahoo Email Alert – 500M Password/Username Combos Stolen

Yahoo said on Thursday that information for at least 500 million user accounts was stolen from its network in 2014. “This is the biggest data breach ever,” said well-known cryptologist Bruce Schneier. Data stolen included names, email addresses, phone numbers, D.O.B., and passwords.

These passwords are used to gain access to your account, change your password and security question, thus locking you out of the now stolen account. Other recent major data hacks have occurred at Adobe, Dropbox, LinkedIn and more. Check to see if your email login data was stolen (“pwned”in geekspeak) in a data breach (other than the new Yahoo hack) here:

Now the bad news…Yahoo has virtually eliminated support for users of their free email. Locked out of your Yahoo email? There is no more phone support and no email contact info on their help pages, or their Facebook or Twitter, despite their help page directing you to these sites. The Yahoo help site specifically states any telephone help-line number for Yahoo is a scam. Supposedly you can Tweet to Yahoo requesting help, but mine went unanswered. They also suggest you visit their Yahoo self help forums. Guess what? You must log into your Yahoo account to use their forum! These useless suggestions are all Yahoo has to offer:


Did you read that last line in this screenshot? Unbelievable! Do that and you lose all contacts and saved emails! If you regularly change your password and signed up for the 2 stage login Yahoo pushes on you every login, using your mobile number, then you are unlikely to be at risk. If you have not recently changed your password, and setup the extra security steps, now is the time! Or move to a free email that takes your privacy seriously. I suggest: HushMail, or  Protonmail  (click on these links to go to the sites)

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