DoctorLaptop’s June Specials
1. Windows 10 Upgrade, only €60
Upgrade any computer that had Windows 7 or 8/8.1 originally installed to Windows 10.
This is not a pirate copy of Windows 10. You will retain your original product key and access to Microsoft Support as long as the current system is the original copy of Windows installed at the factory.
Includes a basic package of programs: BitDefender AntiVirus, CCleaner, WPS Office Suite (MS Office and Excel file compatible), WinRAR, Google Chrome Browser, Skype and VLC Media Player.
2. Install full media center package, only €35.
Includes: CyberGhost Free VPN, uTorrent 2.2.1, KODI 17.3 and another program like KODI but more basic for users that find KODI too complicated. Also provided, a half hour lesson on using your media center programs when you pick up your computer. If you require a more thorough lesson, that can be arranged for a small additional fee.
3. Combine deal 1 &2 for only €85
-Both deals require the computer to have a minimum of 2Gb RAM.
-A Windows upgrade will erase you old data. If you don’t have your data backed up on another device I can save your old data files and programs and replace them into the newly installed Windows 10 for an extra €20.
-Live tv requires a stable internet connection and reasonably fast connection speeds for optimum performance. Sorry campo dwellers, antenna internet connections are less stable than telephone landline or fiber optic, some buffering is to be expected regardless of your speed.
-Use an HDMI cable or casting dongle to connect your media center enabled computer to your tv for a basic home theater setup.
Moblie: 675 993 069 (no calls before 11am)

14Jan16 – The Ultimate Windows Maintenance Service

The Ultimate Windows Maintenance Service
DoctorLaptop’s Jan&Feb 2016 Special
This service goes much deeper that the typical Clean and Tuneup.
Using professional strength tools I will clear system of all malware, adware and unnecessary old system files, optimize performance and networking, check for and correct hard disk and System errors, update all programs and drivers, and install 2 browser protection add-ons. Price 50 euros (reg. 75 euros). These are the tools I use on every “Ultimate” cleanup on Windows machines.
ESET OnLine, Malwarebytes, Ccleaner-Pro, RogueKiller and RKill, Little Reg Cleaner, Junkware Removal Tool, ADWCleaner, Hitman Pro, HiJackThis, ComboFix, ASC-Pro, GiveMePower, IObit Uninstaller Tool, Ghostery, AdBlock+, NetAdapter, TDSSKiller, SpinRite and Scannow.
Units with hardware problems, that won’t start-up properly or showing serious Error Messages need a repair, not this maintenance. Please do a backup of your data before bringing in your computer for this service because any infected data or data/programs damaged by malware will be removed. If you have no backup and want me to do a full system image backup for you bring an external hard disk to store it on. You can buy a 1 Tb backup drive for about 70 euros at any shop selling computer accessories. I will add a small data transfer charge depending on how data you have. Due to the numerous, lengthy system scans involved the job needs to be done at my lab and takes 2 to 3 days.
Email: mannshands “at”   Check your Spam or Junk folder if you are expecting a reply and it is not in your inbox.
Work by appointment, 1-8pm. Make appts by phone only on 689 721 916, no calls before 11am
Rates: Win 7 repairs 15euros/hr.; Win 8/Win 10/Vaio/Android tablets 20euros/hr.; WinXP/Vista/Macs/iOS/Linux/IPTV/Networks 25euros/hr. Custom classes on all topics, 75mins./25euros. Housecalls possible, but I need a lift, 40euro min. Bitcoins wallet: 12PmcK7h39QpZeziSyhkNUBodCyzeUSDGa

12Dec15-DoctorLaptop’s Tips + Specials

I repair what others can only replace!
I repair what others can only replace!
12Dec15-DoctorLaptop’s Tips + Specials
-Angry IP Scanner, a free program allows you see all the devices on your wifi, including moochers. It can’t stop them but then you know it’s time to change the wifi password. Find video tutorials on YouTube for changing wifi passwords on specific models of routers/modems. Ex: search YouTube for “change wifi password Cisco-WN1200 router”. Remember you are changing the wifi logon password, not the router/modem login passsword. Use WPA or WPA2 security, and not WEP in the Security Settings.
Get Angry IP Scanner here, for Win and Mac:
-Special Deal, December 2015 only
Clean, tuneup and optimize any computer, 30euros. Does not apply to heavily infected units or those with hardware problems or displaying error messages. Those require a repair.
-New Service! Test drive Win 10 on Your Computer Without Losing Your Current System!
I now have a bootable USB2 external hard drive with Windows 10 installed. If you want to see if your computer is Windows 10 capable and what it will look and feel like, bring it over and we will boot your computer from my external drive and see how well it handles Windows 10 without disturbing your current system. This is the most reliable way to see if your computer will run Windows 10 successfully, and if you need any 3rd party drivers (some do, some don’t). Then we check to see if those drivers are availabe yet. For older Win 7 original comps, many times the USB3/Wifi/Bluetooth drivers for Win 10 are not available yet, or possibly ever. 20 euros, takes about 40-60 mins. to set up and check all features are working.

14Sep15 – DoctorLaptop’s Tips and September Specials

14Sep15 – DoctorLaptop’s Tips and September Specials

-The Win 10 keylogger, which sends every keystroke you make and word you speak into the computer’s mic, whether you are online or not, back to Microsoft and the NSA, has been inserted into all versions of Win 7/8/8.1 thru unlabeled Windows Updates! Fortunately you can easily remove these updates from Win 7/8/8.1. Follow the instructions at the bottom of this article, . To remove the keylogger from Win 10 follow these instructions, .

-Nerja area is having a bad week for internet connectivity, both by phone line and wireless ISP. Some solid, phone based Telefonica 10MB/s connections in downtown Nerja were only getting 1.5 to 3MB/s. Some wireless ISPs were so slow email servers were logging you out for lack of activity while you waited for pages to fill in. Remember, there are 2 components to internet connections and they are equally important, speed and quality. You need both for optimum performance. Use and to check these.

-Be careful when purchasing budget priced laptops under 500euros. If you feel the screen flex when you open the laptop avoid it! If the keyboard flexes when you type, avoid it! These are made of thin plastic and are prone to breakage. The only Lenovo laptops I recommend are the Thinkpad line.

I am now settled into my new location. To celebrate the move I am offering the following Special Deals for the remainder of September.

-Downgrade any Win 10 computer to Win 7 for 50euros, backup your data before bringing it in.

-Revive your slow, 5+yr old Win 7 computer with a fresh reinstall of Win 7 and all new drivers for 50euros, backup your data before bringing it in.