DoctorLaptop’s Tips #64

DoctorLaptop’s Tips #64
1. Laptop battery wearing out? Learn how to recondition it. Free and no special tools or apps needed. You can skip Step 6.
2. You can fix fading colors and contrast on your aging Windows 7 computer’s display.
3. Overwhelmed by duplicate files? Use a tool in CCleaner to easily locate these and choose which to keep and which to delete. Be sure to keep at least 1 version of the file.
4. Only defragment a healthy computer. If you have any error messages or infections defragging will only make it worse.
5. Android wifi signal booster apps are a scam. If you read the fine print some even admit they are a placebo. They display a fake wifi strength improvement without actually doing anything. See test results of the most popular of these apps here:

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12Dec15-DoctorLaptop’s Tips + Specials

I repair what others can only replace!
I repair what others can only replace!
12Dec15-DoctorLaptop’s Tips + Specials
-Angry IP Scanner, a free program allows you see all the devices on your wifi, including moochers. It can’t stop them but then you know it’s time to change the wifi password. Find video tutorials on YouTube for changing wifi passwords on specific models of routers/modems. Ex: search YouTube for “change wifi password Cisco-WN1200 router”. Remember you are changing the wifi logon password, not the router/modem login passsword. Use WPA or WPA2 security, and not WEP in the Security Settings.
Get Angry IP Scanner here, for Win and Mac:
-Special Deal, December 2015 only
Clean, tuneup and optimize any computer, 30euros. Does not apply to heavily infected units or those with hardware problems or displaying error messages. Those require a repair.
-New Service! Test drive Win 10 on Your Computer Without Losing Your Current System!
I now have a bootable USB2 external hard drive with Windows 10 installed. If you want to see if your computer is Windows 10 capable and what it will look and feel like, bring it over and we will boot your computer from my external drive and see how well it handles Windows 10 without disturbing your current system. This is the most reliable way to see if your computer will run Windows 10 successfully, and if you need any 3rd party drivers (some do, some don’t). Then we check to see if those drivers are availabe yet. For older Win 7 original comps, many times the USB3/Wifi/Bluetooth drivers for Win 10 are not available yet, or possibly ever. 20 euros, takes about 40-60 mins. to set up and check all features are working.

Windows 10 Problems Update – 03Aug15

This morning I googled “Windows 10 problems” and received 370 million hits! Thats a lot of reading… There will be many fixes in the coming weeks, I suggest you begin from my earlier Win 10 posts and follow the new posts as I publish them. I will assume you have covered the old material and will not review those issues again unless there are new developments concerning them.

There is a long line of people waiting for the Win 10 upgrade from Microsoft. It can take days for you to get to the head of the line. Even after it starts downloading you must be patient. Remember, it is a large, 3.5Gb sized download.

Here are 2 more issues you need to be aware of when doing the Windows 10 upgrade.

1. our computer running Windows 10 is used BY DEFAULT as part of a peer-to-peer network the same as a torrent to deliver software updates faster to others, each person distributing a little bit of the files across multiple computers and helping everyone download updates quickly. This peer-to-peer sharing method in Windows 10, named WUDO, is using your precious Internet bandwidth, without informing you about it.

You can disable the feature, but the option is buried deep in the Settings menu for Windows Update.


To turn this feature OFF, follow these given steps:

  • Go to Settings in the Start menu
  • Search for Update & Security
  • Under Windows Update, open Advanced Options
  • Under Choose How Updates are Installed, select Choose how updates are delivered
  • Disable the toggle under Updated from More than One Place

See full article here:

2. You should be aware of Windows 10’s Wi-Fi Sense feature that lets your friends automatically connect to your wireless network without providing the Wi-Fi password.

Smells like a horrible Security Risk! It triggered a firestorm among security experts, who warned that Wi-Fi Sense is a terrible and dangerous feature and that you should disable it right away.

How Windows 10 Wi-Fi Sense works?

Windows 10 Wi-Fi Sense feature allows you to automatically share your Wi-Fi password with your friends or contacts, as well as lets you automatically connect to networks that your friends and acquaintances have connected to in past, even if you don’t know the password. Now, when those friends are within the range of your Wi-Fi network, Windows 10 automatically joins the network with that saved password you just shared with your friends and logs them in, without prompting them for a password. The same happens when you are within any of your contact’s wifi networks.¬†And if a known contact of yours is running unsecured “virtual hotspot” software while using your wifi connection, then you will be providing free internet to anyone who logs into that free, unsecured network. There are also concerns that a stranger to you, but a contact of one of your known contacts, may be able to “leap frog” onto your wifi network thru your known contact (without needing your wifi password), while the known contact is connected to your network, without your knowledge or permission.

How to Turn Windows 10 Wi-Fi Sense OFF?

To disable Wi-Fi Sense, go to Windows Settings, then Network & Internet and then click “Change Wi-Fi settings,” and then “Manage Wi-Fi settings.”
From there, you can change a variety of settings. Turn OFF everything under the Wi-Fi Sense heading; disable WI-Fi password sharing with Facebook, Outlook, or Skype; and have Wi-Fi Sense forget the list of known Wi-Fi networks.
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